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damn i just relized how bad i suck, i have tons off peole who hate me and i never menat for that to happen, i lie to fuckking much and its only hurting me in the long run, so i need to stop all that shit and maybe i can actually keep some freinds, and keep a girlfreind, but oh well, its my own fault, any way, warped tour was AMAZING, so many bad ass bands, so many hot chicks, my god it was fucking amazingi cant even descirbe it so i wont try, well i really ahve some people i want to talk to and apoligize too, but i cnat get in touch with any of them, i just need to do all that shit, and i hope everything turns out good, congrats fairly for a month with may, im happy for you, really, and i hope everything works out with you and trav tabi, he is a good guy, you too are perfect for each other, and i hope to myself that i can find someone to be congratulated and hoped for, it would mean the world to me

i guess im living in a dream,
to be with me
how bad could it be?
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