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cut my wrists and black my eyes

I, ve been hanging aut with alot of diffrent people these days, still mostly Trav, Riv, Fairly, and Pedro,. but the other night i went to lafyette with hoss and chance and sarah and nicole, ashley and kate, BOJO was there to, he is cool, and then i went ride around new iberia with ashley nicole kate and katie, and called osme dude and said KONICHIWA BITCH, it was funny as hell, oh well i made amends for all the crap i did, and im happy, my life has become happier

i met a girl who is into all the same music as me, she is really cool, id like to get to know her better, she likes konstantine, that is su fucking cool, i can't belive she knows konstatine, and dead poetic, and TBS and Brandnew, i though me and some freinds were the only ones who listen to that crap, its aweosme

you know you do you kill me well
you like it to and i can tell
youll never stop until my final breath is gone

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