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just kill me

i havent updated this in forever, and jessica wanted me to so i did, and i will, my life hasnt been good lately, and i dont know why , my freinds are really cool, ive found a girl that i really like, well from what i know of her i like her, and im shure when i get to know her better i will like her, but she seems tangeled up with her ex,i dont know, she is aweosme , so she would be a cool freind anyway, and yeah its you jessica, im talking to you, hello, can you hear me, are you there, WHY ARE YOU NOT TALKING, haha im just joking. i left my wallet at cypermot point, and my license is in it, my band is going through a name change, and changed up the sounds alot, and me and pj now write the lyrics, i am playing bass for a band called closed caskets which consits of me, brad hardcory, and darby, we need another guitarist, oh well, this journal was all for you jessica, i hope you like it, read it and be not board, cause you shouldnt be board, call me later, duece


man it takes a silly girl to lie about the dreams she had
lord it takes a foolish one to wish she had never dreamt at all
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