this is a textbook seduction (autumninmaylee) wrote,
this is a textbook seduction

<lj-cut text="townies and tourist find unlikely love at first sight>Name:Lee Age:17 Location:franklin la Sex:male Single/Taken?:single Favorite: 10 Bands: rites of spring, moss icon, the spill canvas, brandnew, taking back sunday, die radio die, christie front drive, dashboard, coheed, ethel meserve 5 Songs: august in bethany- the juliana theory, konstantine- SoCo, lover left you bleeding -Die radio die, you were right- the lyndsay diaries, kiss the girls and make them die- moss icon 5 Movies: the butterfly effect, donnie darko, thirteen, never ending story, what dreams may come Quote?:i hope that all the best never happens to you Opinions on: Teen sex: if you love someone i think you cna share everything with that person, including sex Drugs:i dont really like drugs Alcohol:we all need to drown our sorrows with something Suicide:i am extreamly anti suicide cutting:why would you do that, i see no point in it sxe:my ex was straight edge, so needless to say i hate it What inspired you to join?:i saw it on all things em Why should you be accepted?:i think it would be a good way to meet people that are into the same shit i am,a nd because i am a hot emo fuck Would you say you can be classified as a hot emo fuck?well i can be classified as a emo fuck, and i have recently relized that girls do like the way i look, so shure i can The 2 places/people you promoted in/to: i dont understand, but i have promoted bands, local bands and out of stae bands that i have played shows with, and i have promoted emo_rejects, wich is a aweosme commuinty At least 3 pictures: i will put them up later, im at my freinds and i dont ahve them </lj-cut>
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