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in muddy grass we stand side by side

well this weekend was cool, i went to laffyette on saterday and i bought some new dress shirts for church and crap (mom made me)and i bought a taking back sunday shirt, ya know the one with the amityville exit sign, with the two arrows, yeah that one, i also bought the new nora shirt, nora is a awesome hardcore band. then i went to sam goodey and bought the spill canvas, that is a great cd, and then i bought silverstein, i have beenw anting that cd for a very long time, great album, then when i was about to check out i saw this section that said "todays music, the music todays youth is listening to" i thought it was gonna be a bunch of crap, but it was all emo and harcore, everytime i die,a s i lay dying, the buitiful mistake and then i saw it, COPELAND- beneth medice tree SIX DOLLERS i got that , i copped it so bad. then i went back to hot topic and bought the AMP volume 1 cd:hardcore, it has grat tracks form nora, clearing autumn skies,everytime i die,give up the ghost, the promise, sick of it all, and integrity, just to name a few,then i went to best buy and bought alexisonfire,count the stars, glasseater, and everytime i die, then i went to barnes and noble to get the new ap, and i was hit on by goths
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